Reply to this thread if you want the connection details, and follow me so I can DM you the link.

@TomLarrow This is why I mostly play Indie titles these days haha. AAA stuff is all just microtransactions and ways to extort money from you

@ajroach42 @DoctorDeathray Must of us are hacks. A hack who shows up every day for long enough is called an expert.

Does anyone know a decent open source android keyboard? I tried FlorisBoard but its missing a few features I like (such as gif support) swipe typing is also preferred

Blender is the Vim of 3D software (positive), unfortunately Blender is the Vim of 3D software (negative)

@Maverynthia Yeah its very unfortunate :( Firefox was kind of the last bastion but even that is a bit iffy now. Not to mention anything not chrome based has compatibility issues sometimes

@Maverynthia Dang. I use a lot of DNS blocking for tracking and ads, but man it sucks knowing there aren't many options to avoid it entirely

@Maverynthia Is there a good privacy focused browser out there? Legitimately asking I currently use Brave but wouldn't mind switching haha

@ElectricDryad I am using the Oracle cloud free tier to host mine 👀 its a free forever plan and works great

@Angle Matrix is really dang cool, its been getting better and better too

“TikTok poses an unacceptable national security risk due to its extensive data harvesting being combined with Beijing’s apparently unchecked access to that sensitive data.” – Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

This is true.

Now replace TikTok with Facebook, Snapchat, <insert Silicon Valley Big Tech corporation or startup here> and Beijing with Washington, DC and…

This is also true.


#peopleFarming #surveillanceCapitalism #BigTech #humanRights #democracy

@runeranch I've had mixed luck with modern Nvidia cards, the drivers for Linux are... not great, but the kernel headers were made open source so I expect that to improve in the future.

On the steam side of things Proton is straight up magic. Most things work just fine. The only time you'll run into issues is if games use some sort of anti cheat or if they use some weird Windows only Library. But overall gaming on Linux these days is really feasible

Courtesy call from your Canadian colleagues: Rogers, one of Canada's three large telcos, is having a nationwide outage at the moment for unclear reasons, commercial and consumer connections alike. People with non-Rogers connections (Bell, Telus) are OK, but if you're on Rogers _everything_ is broken, including home, business, even 911 service, and as with all quasi-monopolies there will be people who are just flat out of luck today until Rogers gets their shit together.

@friend I would say it's the responsibility of the container author to make sure it is up to date. On the other side of that, it's a very open technology so its a simple process to modify an existing container to your needs. My initial toot was mostly poking at the few people who are ANGRY that containers exist at all haha

At the end of the day it is a tool and it can be used correctly, or it can be poorly written and be full of security holes. I just love how easy it makes distributing apps

This is an actively used railway. This is what we could take to work, shop, and hangout instead of miles of asphalt. Human technology and nature can co-exist if we fight for it, and if we're willing to let go of failed projects like the highway system.

People who adamantly hate on Docker weird me out and I think they fundamentally don't understand how containers work

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